Netextrade and Investment Limited Review


Today, I want to review a bitcoin investment platform that has paid me continuously for over 40 days now.
This investment company is NETEX TRADE . This company is a registered company in the United Kingdom. I randomly discovered this company online and invested $25 into their 8% daily plan and they paid me consistently for 5 days. I decided to invest more into this program so I invested $1000 into their 12% daily plan and $2500 into their 500% after 30 days plan.
Over 40 days now, this program paid me consistently without failure. My daily packages expired and I reinvested. My 500% after 30 days also matured and they paid me into bitcoin.
This program is really paying. Although, people argue programs like this are ponzi and may not stay for long, I believe netextrade is genuine.
I tried few other investment programs over the period and realized there are many scams in this internet investment industry. Most of the programs I tried asked for extra fees before they can pay me which doesn’t make sense. Some of them don’t reply again ones you made deposit.
Netextrade make great difference in this perspective. You get paid with no problem. They respond to tickets within minutes and sometimes few hours. They actually gave up to 24 hours to respond to tickets. Payment is instant on week days and within 24 hours on weekends.

How to invest with Netextrade
Investing with netextrade is easy. You need bitcoin or perfectmoney to invest with them. You can create bitcoin wallet on or I like these 2 wallets.
You can create perfectmoney account on . Buying bitcoin or perfectmoney is easy. I prefer investing with bitcoin because keeping bitcoin alone is an investment since the bitcoin price can rise at any time.

How to join Netextrade
Joining netextrade is easy. CLICK HERE and read the information on the page and verify yourself. Then click on signup and fill the form. That is all.
The next thing is to invest at least $25 and start making profit every 24 hours.

How much can you make from this platform?
With my basic calculation, if you invest $25 and keep reinvesting, you can make over a million dollars within 12 months (one year). You can make more money by investing more.

What is the risk?
There is risk in everything. Although netex trade gave assurance they are good enough to handle risk, there is no 100% guarantee that there is no risk. Just make sure you don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose.
I tested their system with $25 and scale up to $5000 and already made huge profit and increased my investment to $20,000 currently. Within 40 days, I made my profit and reinvesting part of my profit to make more.
You can do the same and make more profit for yourself.

Investing online is profitable and I believe netextrade is a great company to trust. Their business models are highly profitable and with their rates, they can pay for a long time.
Give them a trial and share your experience with us in the comment section.


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