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Similitude Skrill money Generator is a software developed by elite coders to help as many people as possible to make money online and become financially free.

Our Skrill Money generator software is a software that generates between $250 to $2500 daily per account for 365 days. You can add up to 10 accounts per license.

This software can be set to work automatically. You don’t need your computer to be connected to the internet before you can use this software. Ones you set it up, you just sit and watch the money flow!

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Bronze Package
$250 daily for 365 days
Points required 1500 SM Points

Gold Package
$500 daily for 365 days
Points required 3000 SM points

Platinum Package
$1000 daily for 365 days
Points required 6000 SM points

VIP Executive Package
$2500 daily for 5 years
Points required: 15000 SM points

Custom Package
This package is for high referrals. 
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Our software is given out for free. You only need to share with friends and get the required number of points then redeem it for the software. Everything is automated. Ones you reach the required points, you will be able to redeem it to any plan of the software. Note that, you cannot change the plan. Ones you go for a plan, you keep that plan forever. Refer more people, get bigger package and make more money from this software.

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Follow the steps below to get this software:
    1. Fill the form above this page with your name and active email. You need to confirm your email before you can proceed so make sure you enter correct email. All communications will be sent via this email.
    2. After you fill the form above and confirm your email, your referral link will be available. Share your referral links to friends on your social media, email etc. You can buy traffic to your referral link and promote your link. Note that, the more referrals you get, the higher the package you get. You can get a higher limit of your daily earning up to $500,000 and up to 100 accounts daily.
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     3.  Every referral you make, there is a simple action to be completed. This action will be sent into your email. Every successful referral you get, you will get a notification email with the required action to take. This is required to receive your reward.

    This software is 100% safe and Skrill will not raise any issue about it. We cannot explain the mechanism of this software for the sake of competition. Skrill approved the mechanism of this software so there is no need to fear

Similitude Skrill generator is changing lives. If you are lucky to discover this software, take action and build a stable residual income from home.
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